At AVT, we always strive to provide the best quality service to our clients. We have established a comprehensive system to turn conceptual ideas into practical and professional solutions.
AVT is not a manufacturer: we are not prejudiced in any way when it comes to products or brands. We simply choose the best possible products/solutions for our clients.
To save our clients' invaluable time, we work closely with the factory and supplier for all project-related issues. Clients can simply get what they need from us and obtain the highest quality of service.
We believe in "Quality Service; Quality Product".
Large-Scale Video Wall Display and System Integration
We are specialized in offering Large Scale Video Wall Displays ranging from LED to LCD, DID etc., Digital Signage & Multimedia Systems.
Audio & Visual Design & Consultation
We aim to design the most suitable solutions to suit our clients’ needs by adapting various leading-edge technologies.
AVT is also engaged in a number of ventures and activities. These include Property Development in the Greater China Region, Profit-Sharing Investment / Package deals.