Folli Follie, Entertainment Building, Central

Curve LED Display and Ultra-Narrow DID

Folli Follie is an exclusive accessories brand derived from the Greek. The brand is trendy and products are fashionable. It is popular among fashionable women around the world.

Folli Follie carries through the trend of fashion sense and installs a new flexible P2.5 CURVED LED display and ultra-narrow DID in Central Shop. These displays are applied for playing the latest brand advertising and product information.

The project applied the latest LED display product - CURVED PANEL, a flexible LED product can fit into the different environment based on specific site design and our super narrow DID product. These two products display video and advertising at the same time to create flowing detailed images. We believe that they can attract more customers to patronize.


Folli Follie Entertainment Building, Central Curve LED

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