understand client's requirement

understand feasibility study

design the solution

establish a dedicated project team

implement and monitor project


AVT is not a manufacturer:
we are not prejudiced in any way when it comes to products or brands.
We simply choose the best possible products/solutions for our clients.
To save our clients' invaluable time, we work closely with the factory and supplier for all projectrelated issues.
Clients can simply get what they need from us and obtain the highest quality of service.


We believe in "Quality Service; Quality Product".



LargeScale Video Wall Display and System Integration

We are specialized in offering Large Scale Video Wall Displays ranging from LED to LCD, DID etc., Digital Signage & Multimedia Systems.

Audio & Visual Design & Consultation

We aim to design the most suitable solutions to suit our clients' needs by adapting various leadingedge technologies.


AVT is also engaged in a number of ventures and activities including property development in the greater China, profit sharing investment / package deals.

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