+WOO Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai

LED & 3D Wayfinding Solution 

Fortune Malls refreshed the brand with a brand-new name “+WOO” for its mall in Tin Shui Wai. The dynamic, heartening new image re-defined our fresh perspective to the mall. +WOO offers more than 200 shops and restaurants to bring a diverse and rich entertainment, shopping and dining experience to customers.  AVT has installed a P4 indoor LED display at the atrium of +WOO shopping centre to entice shoppers with entertaining visuals for marketing and promotions.

3 sets of 3D wayfinding kiosks were installed with AVT’s tailor-made 3D wayfinding solutions in three different floors. The customized interactive vertical kiosks provide clear navigation to shoppers and enhance the convenience of shopping experience.

Key Features:
• Search stores by name and category with predictive results
• 3D orientation to the desired destination over 3 floors 
• Indication of the destination of floors and elevators
• Multiple input system 
• Multiple languages available


LED & 3D Wayfinding Solution 

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