Plaza 66, Hang Lung, Shanghai

3D Wayfinding & Digital Signage System

The Plaza 66 shopping mall and office complex have been hailed as one of the most successful commercial developments in China.

AVT installed 20 units of ViaDirect 3D wayfinding Kiosks and 13 units of BrightSign Digital Signage System for Plaza 66 to build the wayfinding system. We also applied the outstanding Artistry LED display system. 

ViaDirect Wayfinding Solution applied multi-touch 3D mapping navigation to find users’destination quickly, such as shops, restaurants, car park, and office, etc. Meanwhile, it can connect other information to display instant weather and transport news, membership system and social network. Comprehensive information and easy-to-follow guidelines bring convenient to visitors.

All the content can be edited, published and sent to each kiosk by BrightAuthor. It makes the management and control becoming easier.


Plaza 66, Hang Lung, Shang Hai

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