The Hong Kong Productivity Council (Entrance)

Display Solution with Digital Signage

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organization established by statute in 1967. HKPC’s mission is to promote productivity excellence through the provision of integrated support across the value chain of Hong Kong firms, in order to achieve a more effective utilization of resources, to enhance the value-added content of products and services, and to increase international competitiveness.

AVT installed 2 units of 55-inch floor stand & mirrored kiosks on the first floor of the Hong Kong Productivity Council to replace the original traditional paper-printing notice boards. Each of the kiosks equipped with a BrightSign digital signage player for easy update contents. HKPC administrator can update the activities, time and information in the backend, and play promotional advertisements and safety information which is convenient and flexible.


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