Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok


SCIENCE PARK Ultra Slim Transparent LED – uplifting the style and atmosphere for technology hub

A campus-like environment of 330,000 square metres marketed for high-technology enterprises provided by The Hong Kong Science Park HKSTP in New Territories. HKSTP supports the R&D of over 840+ partner companies that aims to create new solutions with world-class infrastructure, comprehensive services, cutting-edge laboratories, and the largest collaborative platform in the city.

HKSTP is committed to building up a comfortable and innovative working environment. In this project, AVT provided three sets of P6.5 Ultra Slim transparent LED (each dimension: 3120mm x 2800mm) to meet HKSTP targets and requirements in the lounge area of Floor 7 to Floor 9. The structure of Ultra Slim transparent LED is concise – the adhesive design making the transparent LED sticks on the glass, simply matching with the interior design. Due to the see-through visual effects, passengers would be impressed by the LED when walking through the stairs.

The high-transparency LED solution is not only giving play to decoration but also with good performance for displaying media content, such as promotional video, presentation content, company briefing, etc. It provides excellent visibility from a wide range of viewpoints. The practical and outstanding LED uplifts the style and atmosphere of the lounge area.

Product Features:
-Ultra Slim & Light Weight
-Up to 88% Transparency
-Excellent Visual Quality
-Easy Maintenance


Indoor Ultra Slim Transparent LED for Hong Kong Science Park in Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong

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