The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Central

The large curve LED display has been set up for HKMA Function Room as an adorable info background

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is the Hong Kong central banking institution responsible for Hong Kong's financial policy, banking, currency, and exchange fund management.

The function room on the 56th floor of the International Finance Center (Phase II) is dedicated to holding various press conferences for the HKMA target to release different new measures and programs to promote economic development.

AVT installed a set of P1.5 curve LED display in the function room. The display area of the curve LED is about 18 square meters. Its appearance and dimension perfectly match the stage design of the room. It fully displays the press conference content and acts as a background wall that suitable for media shooting.

Now, the curve LED display has become a very high exposure backdrop on news and announcements!


Creative Curve LED for HKMA Function Room

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