Hong Kong Science Park (FMO), Pak Shek Kok

A large ultra-narrow bezel video wall powers HKSTP Facilities Management Office

The Hong Kong Science Park is in Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong. It sits on the Tolo Harbour waterfront, near the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is operated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation aims to establish a great platform to boost Hong Kong Innovation and Technology. The perfect relationship and connection actuated high-efficiency agglomeration advantages and economic benefits for the industry. Nowadays, over 1000 IT enterprises and more than 11,000 IT talents gather up. Also, more than 850 start-up companies and three unicorn enterprises have successfully incubated. It is the largest technology, scientific research, and intelligent living base in Hong Kong. 

In this project, AVT has installed 21 x 46” ultra-narrow bezel displays to form a large 7 x 3 video wall in the HKSTP facility management office. FMO staff can display up to 12 video sources on the video wall. It assists the Facility management department in monitoring the real-time conditions of different specific areas. They can control the display content by using any touch panel or computer. It is more convenient and flexible to preview the display content individually or in a whole picture. 

All in all, our large ultra-narrow bezel video wall realizes real-time monitoring and switching monitoring areas to ensure the safety of the park. Let's develop a more efficient and flexible Facilities Management Office for your company.

46-Inch Ultra-narrow Bezel Display
· 3.5mm ultra-narrow seam
· Smart split-screen function
· Golden display ratio: 16:9
· Ultra-wide viewing angle
· Fits any installation size


Large Ultra-narrow Bezel Video Wall for HKSTP Facilities Management Office

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