Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre, Tung Chung

An indispensable part of the best interactive experience: A fine pixel LED display!

AVT has undertaken a number of interactive experience-led projects for various applications. They included the different scales of interactive game installations in shopping malls, interactive booth installations in thematic exhibition areas administered by government departments, and interactive educational solutions on campuses. It proves that interactive experience has gradually become a popular way of promoting and disseminating information. In addition to providing somatosensory motion sensors, we will also offer relevant professional display systems, such as projection systems, LED displays, or video walls, in accordance with their application and environment.

This project is at the Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre. It was constructed by refurbishing and refitting the old site office. The center has several thematic exhibition areas. Visitors can learn about the efforts of the Sustainable Lantau Office in the development and conservation; the knowledge about the Lantau Island's nature, culture, and historical background through the different interactive exhibits and 3D models. 

AVT provided a set of P1.25 LED displays to abutment the interactive game system. The LED display area is 4200 x 2025mm. The fine pixel LED display is different from general LED products. It delivers an extraordinary visual enjoyment for the visitors to interact and watch the display content at a closer distance. It should be an unforgettable interactive experience for the visitor!

‧ Wide Viewing Angle
‧ Fine Image Quality
‧ Easy Maintenance
‧ High Consistency


Indoor LED Display Solution for Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre

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