The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital, Pok Fu Lam

The Integration of Audio-Visual Systems improves the Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital's environment

The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital, located in Sandy Bay, is dedicated to providing top-notch paediatric specialist services. The hospital doesn't just focus on pediatric patients and extends its care to young adults suffering from spinal issues, offering them treatment and rehabilitation services. The hospital is devoted to ensuring that every patient gets the most appropriate medical support to facilitate their recovery and healthy growth.

With the installation of cutting-edge audio-visual systems, the hospital has enhanced the user experience for patients. These systems include a top-of-the-line Projector System and Background Music System (BGM System) with high-quality amplifiers and wall-mounted speakers. The conference room is equipped with the Projector System, creating an immersive experience for medical educational videos, case study sharing, and professional meetings. The Background Music System (BGM System) is positioned at the admission desk to announce important information and play relaxing background music.  

Audio-visual systems enhance the hospital's environment for the medical professionals and provide a more humane medical experience for the patients.


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