Hong Kong Police Force, Wan Chai (Meeting Room)

Revolutionizing Meeting Room Experience with P3 LED Display at Wan Chai Police Headquarters

The Hong Kong Police Headquarters has installed a P3 indoor LED display in their meeting room to improve work efficiency and communication. The display measures about 5.3 x 1.35m and is equipped with an efficient LED processor. This display solution provides a more flexible and engaging way for presentation during meetings.

Users can customize the screen zones based on their needs. They can divide the display into several screens to simultaneously showcase multiple information sources or set it to full-screen mode to play specific content. This feature significantly enhances the versatility of information display in the meeting room, catering to various occasions and requirements.

The application of P3 indoor LED display in large meeting rooms provides high definition and superior visual effects. The display's high resolution ensures clarity in text and images, making presentations, reports, and information sharing during meetings more vivid and engaging. In summary, this solution enables the meeting room to reach its full potential and enhance the user experience.


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