Wayfinding Solution

Getting to the right place in a large complex is not always an easy task. Traditional help desks are inefficient and instructions are normally asked to be forgotten. The underlying issue is the lack of visual perception, visitors are normally lost in the knots of verbal directions. Our wayfinding is a revolutionary solution that provides multidimensional interactive map directories with rich modular features that remodel how your visitors obtain information. The solution is completely on-demand with no strings attached, it simply works!

Easy Wayfinding


  • Secure, powerful and cloud-based management tool
  • A unique back-office system for all platforms
  • Content management for the points of interest
  • Marketing content, offers, ads
  • Advanced statistics, analysis and reports
  • Easy kiosk monitoring


  • Statistical data processing allows to analyze
  • User behavior and to refine the digital experience of the installations
  • Event month, customers receive a statistics report. They can contact our team of data analysts or consult statistics in real time


Advanced monitoring

  • Automatic status update
  • Regular preventive checks

Assistance/ maintenance

  • Remote access service
  • On-site local support through authorized partners

ViaDirect Key Features

Multi-touch interactive 3D map

  • Indicate the user’s current location   
  • Multi-level display of the itinerary   
  • Clear and simple way oriented in the user’s point of view
  • The intuitive map with multi-touch gestures: pinch to zoom, turn to rotate, slide to pan…

Eye-catching interface design

  • Beautiful and customized interface, designed according to the premise’s identity
  • Multilingual content
  • User-friendly and user-centered software

Multiple integration possibilities for external content

  • Display of weather, air quality, traffic
  • Transportation schedule
  • Local news
  • Cinema timetables
  • Status and booking of meeting rooms
  • Connection to the premise’s information system & automatic update

A fast search engine of the desired destination: shops, restaurants, services, car parks, offices...

  • Virtual keyboards for most languages   
  • Search by name, topic, keyword...   
  • Predictive/autocomplete results

Marketing tools to increase visitor engagement  

  • Different type of impactful ads: loop, banner, logos on the map and targeted ads, etc.
  • Display of promotions and events
  • Social networks features
  • Connection to existing loyalty program and or gift card program


Every person can access the system, regardless of height or ability 

  • An adapted layout on vertical screens   
  • Alternative route using lifts instead of escalators

Interactions on other platforms

  • The ViaDirect map can be embedded on a third-party website or mobile apps
  • Users can get the route on their mobile phone by SMS or QRcode

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